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Marg Milne
Room 7

I have been teaching at Pinehill for many years, firstly as the ESOL teacher but more recently as a year 5/6 teacher. I choose to work here because the children are enthusiastic and focused, and I am part of a dedicated, fun team of teachers who support each other. Learning is a life-long journey and I enjoy working with children, supporting each of them as they grow and learn.

Karen Blau
Room 8

My long relationship with Pinehill School started with the first of my two son's starting as a new entrant in the year 2000. It was the culture of the school and the passion of the teachers who inspired me to become a teacher myself. I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2007 and it was an easy decision to join the Pinehill teaching family in 2008. I feel very honoured to teach Year 1 students and be the first teacher, on their journey, to life long learning. I am also very passionate about the visual and performing arts and I have been the Visual Arts curriculum leader for a number of years. I particularly enjoy working with our gifted art students, to beautify our school, with creative pieces of artwork and murals. 


Jonathan Mulholland
Room 9

I have been teaching at Pinehill since 2007 and am currently in the Year 5/6 team.  I have a passion for the use of technology in the classroom and am involved in the ICT team. I also enjoy art, drama and film and set up the school's TV Station in 2013. Another area of interest is sports and I am in charge of the Basketball teams at the school.


Kevin Elmes
Room 10


Victoria Everett 
Room 11

I have been teaching since the beginning of 2008 and started at Pinehill in June 2012. I have taught a variety of year levels during my teaching career and enjoy watching the development and changes of the children as they grow. I am the Sports co-ordinator and run the Netball program at Pinehill.


Sarah Jo
Room 12

I have been teaching at Pinehill since 2013. I have taught Year 2s for three years and I am looking forward to joining the Year 3 team in 2016. I have a passion for the arts and studied various languages throughout my years of studying. 


Bev Davies
Room 13

I have been teaching since 1995 and have been part of the Pinehill School family since mid 1997. I have an Honours Degree in Education and my passion is teaching students in their first year at school and for all living creatures, even the creepy crawly kind. I have a husband and 2 grown children (who also went to Pinehill) and am lucky to live with 2 cats, 4 pigs, 2 alpaca, 25 chooks and plenty of wild ducks!


Karen Seth
Room 14

I am aNew Zealand trained teacher who has taught in schools around Auckland and inScotland over the last 20 years. I have a passion for reading and maths as well as singing and dancing.  This year I am delighted to have a class of delightful, creative year 4 students. 


Sandra Troughton
Room 15

I am an experienced teacher who has taught in in various places other than Auckland including Tauranga, Wellington and Nepal.  I am enthusiastic about enabling young minds and helping children realise their potential.  Music is an area where I enjoy both teaching and participating; music is a language which is accessible to all whatever age or ability. As a classroom teacher I find it a privilege to share the learning journey with the children in my class, we all have so much to learn from each other.


Lisa Leader
Room 16

My teaching career began in 1998, in Wellington, where I continued to teach apart from the last 4 1/2 years where I taught in the Middle East.  I care about the global environment and everyone and everything that inhabits our world.  I love travelling and orangutans.  I am extremely fortunate to work at Pinehill School, with happy, enthusiastic students, parents and staff.  I love how each and every one of us is a life long learner, with differing pathways, interests and passions.


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