The Pinehill Way

The Pinehill Way has developed over the history of Pinehill from its beginnings in 1997 to be a critical part of the culture of our school. It is the shared beliefs of staff, students and our community about the expectations we have for the social interactions we engage in as part of the day to day operations of the school.

It encompasses a set of behavioural mores that are used to reinforce the highest level of social interaction in everything we do among these groups. 

This includes:

  • Accepting responsibility for our own behaviour
  • Being competitive
  • Being the best that we can be
  • Caring for our school and the wider environment
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Celebrating together
  • Not accepting any form of bullying - physical, mental or verbal
  • Sharing
  • Sharing responsibility for the care and well being of each other
  • Showing respect for others
  • Speaking politely
  • Sporting behaviour
  • Using acceptable strategies to resolve conflict.
  • Using “I” statements
  • Valuing the success of others
  • Valuing leadership
  • Working co-operatively

As adults we accept our role to actively promote, model and teach these values and encourage our children to take personal responsibility for doing the same. Our commitment to the active teaching of the “Caring Curriculum” as part of our learning journey acknowledges that our children can be expected to formally learn these values.

Through these processes we will instil the ethic of social co-operation as being key to our personal success. When our children actively demonstrate these behaviours they will be able to participate in the "Pinehill Learning Journey" more effectively.

The Pinehill Way - Chinese

The Pinehill Way - Korean