Dear Parents / Caregivers

Welcome to Pinehill School.

We look forward to working with you in providing the best quality education for your child.  We strive to build the partnership between home and school and expect there to be close involvement from you in our activities.

We offer opportunity for this in a variety of ways ranging from classroom help through to Friends of Pinehill School and the Board of Trustees.

One of the underpinning features of our school is the emphasis on values based education.  We actively promote and teach social skills and expect the highest standard of personal behaviour from our children at all times.  We call this ‘The Pinehill Way’.

This extends into our playground and on to our sports fields too.  We do not accept bullying of any type, whether it be physical or verbal.  Children are taught strategies for dealing with bullying should it occur.

Our approach is to accentuate the positives by providing stimulating classroom programmes and rewarding children who are doing things right. 

Every teacher has a right to teach, every child has a right to learn and this is promoted through all our activities.  You as a parent can expect to be involved if your child's behaviour gives us concern.

One of the special features of Pinehill is the access to information and communication technologies available in all our classrooms.  We use the ICTs to teach higher level thinking skills and provide high motivation learning activities.  Our staff are highly skilled at using technology and teaching the children the skills in using it.

I trust you find this information helpful in providing the answers you require.  Should there be anything else you wish to know, please contact the office.  We are here to assist in any way.

Once again, welcome to our school - I look forward to working with you as your child moves through Pinehill. 

Tracey Kelsey, Principal



Quality Learning For Children


At Pinehill School our vision is to seek to provide a sense of worth, achievement and belonging for every child through:

  • A child centred education
  • A stimulating environment aimed towards getting children to be confident and happy to “have a go”
  • A team approach where everyone involved in the school - children, parents, staff and Board are working for the school and all are clear about their respective roles


Pinehill School will ensure that every child’s needs are met through:

  • Teaching and learning of the highest standard
  • Providing the best possible resources
  • Maintaining the architectural quality of the school
  • The quality use of technology to assist learning


Special Features of our School

  • 23 single cell classrooms
  • A fully equipped hall with sound and lighting facilities
  • Specialist Art, Music and ICT rooms
  • A stand alone Information Centre / Library
  • Covered ways linking all rooms
  • The latest in learning technologies to provide quality education for the 21st century
  • A learning environment focused on individual children's learning needs


Our School Provides

  • Quality teaching staff providing quality programmes
  • The most up to date learning resources
  • A safe child centred learning environment


You must phone the school office before 9.00am to inform us if your child is absent from school due to illness, or is going to arrive late.  An answer phone is available for this purpose, or alternatively you may email the school with your child's name, room number and reason for absence or lateness or click here to fill in our on-line notification form. 

You may receive a text message or email from the school if your child has an unexplained absence.  Our system allows you to reply to the text message or email immediately.  Please be aware that we are unable to reply to your text messages sent to us.  Once your child returns to school a written note explaining the absence is required. If your child arrives late to school they must sign the late book and collect a slip to give to their teacher.

If you are collecting your child during school hours, please come to the school office and sign them out in the ‘Leaving Early’ book before going to their classroom.


Addressing Concerns 

If you have a concern of any kind we encourage you to make a time to see us so we can work it out together.  The school is managed as a partnership between staff and parents and we value open communication.

Please see your child's teacher as a first point of call for matters regarding class programme.  Any other concerns should be addressed to the Principal.


After School Care

PKC - Premium Kids Care 

PKC offers before school and after school care on-site at Pinehill School.  For more details please  refer to their website or contact Rochelle on 027 325 3229 or Kate on 021 448 886. 

Two other organisations also service our school:

  • Kids Choice, ph 478-3705
  • Kids Care, ph 478-9304

Both operate a bus collection daily from the school.  


Our whole school assembly is every Tuesday afternoon at 2.15pm.  Classes take turns at presenting items and class excellence shields are given out at this time.  Children receive the shield to acknowledge good performance.  Please return the shield by the Friday preceding the next assembly.  You are most welcome to attend.  Please be seated by 2.15pm.


Board of Trustees (B.O.T.) 

The Board of Trustees is elected by parents.  We have 2 positions elected mid term and 3 positions at end of term, to ensure continuity on the Board.

Trustees are responsible for the governance of our school.  Their important role ensures that the needs of the children and their learning are paramount.  Board meetings are open meetings and are held twice a term at 6.00pm. 

Notification of each meeting is via the school newsletter.

Car Park 

For the safety of our students and because of a lack of car-parking space, the car park is only available for staff and authorised vehicles.  There is a lay-by in Spencer Road available for morning drop offs and afternoon pickups.  P2 parking is fully enforced during 8.15am - 9am and 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Outside of these times you are able to park there if you need to enter the school.


Classroom Involvement

Parents / Caregivers are welcome to be involved in classroom programmes.  If you would like to be one of our valued classroom helpers, you need to attend a training session so you have an understanding of what is involved.  This session will enable us to give you the skills needed to work with the children in a directed and supported manner.

Parents who wish to help out for any camps or overnight stays now must be Police Vetted as per the Vulnerable Children Act.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Dental Service

Our school is serviced by mobile dental therapists.  Children are checked here at school and if work is needed, they will make an appointment time for your child to attend the clinic they are currently attached to.  The clinic can be contacted on phone 479-4236.


Enrolment Scheme

This Enrolment Scheme is designed to cater for the local community by offering Priority Entry to all pupils who live inside the geographical boundaries.  A map showing the general boundaries of the zone can be found on the Pinehill Zone map link on our website. 

Starting from the intersection of Oteha Valley Road and State Highway 17 travel east along the centre of Oteha Valley Road until the Northern Motorway.  Turn south along the motorway until McClymonts Road overbridge.  Head east along McClymonts Road and north into Medallion Drive (numbers 79, 82 and above), include numbers  61-75 and 48-60 of Masons Road and Lavendar Garden Lane.  Turn east into Fernhill Way (numbers 67, 86 and below), as far as Crimson Park (excluded), then proceed along the centre of Fernhill Way turning right along the centre of Ponderosa Drive to East Coast Road (numbers 489-721, 586-812).  Head north until St Clair Place (included) and south as far as Rosedale Road.  All no exit roads on the eastern side of East Coast Road between St Clair Place and Rosedale Road are included.  Oaktree Avenue (numbers 101, 102 and above), Arran Road (99, 98 and above), Weetman Drive and associated no exit roads from these roads are included.  Travel west along the centre of Rosedale Road until Tawa Drive then continue north along State Highway 17 back to the starting point including Bushlands Park Drive and all roads accessed via Bushlands Park Drive.

All properties inside these boundaries have automatic right of enrolment at Pinehill School.

The school will accept all children who satisfy the Principal (as the Board representative) that they are permanent residents of the defined residential zone.

Parents who live within this geographical zone are encouraged to complete the ‘Application to Enrol’ form at the earliest opportunity should they wish to enrol their children at Pinehill School.

Currently siblings of children attending Pinehill School have priority entry.

Selective Entry 

Children who live outside the zone may be accepted for enrolment dependent on a place being available at their class level at the time of enrolment application.

Friends of Pinehill School (F.O.P.S.)

“The Friends” is a group of parents and caregivers who are involved in supporting the school.  We seek to be representative of the whole school community and our primary thrust is to support the Board of Trustees and the staff in providing top quality learning opportunities and experiences for our children.

We do this by meeting regularly to discuss educational issues, school events and programmes.  We also fundraise for specific projects and for any “extras” that the school requires that may not be covered by our government funding.

Friends of Pinehill School meet once a month in the staffroom on a Monday evening at 7.30pm.  Our meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and are open to ALL parents and caregivers.  The format is fairly informal and lots of fun.  Please come and join us at any time.

If you have any queries regarding the activities of “The Friends”, please free to contact a member of our committee. Contact details are on the school website under Friends of Pinehill, email address is


Health Room

Minor injuries or illnesses are treated and logged by staff in our school Health Room.  Parents are notified of any serious injury or illness. 



Please click here to access our home learning guidelines.


Classes are timetabled to visit the library every week.  Children may borrow a maximum of 2 books which are issued for 2 weeks.  Every child must have a book bag to take their reading and library books home. 

An account will be sent home for any books that are lost or damaged.

The library is open at lunchtimes for children to visit.

Lost Property

There is a lost property box outside Room 5 before school and at 2.45pm each day.  Please ensure that all clothing and other items are named.  Items are only held until the end of each term.



Children sit together for the first ten minutes of lunchtime so that teachers are able to supervise their eating.  Children are asked to place all paper and lunch rubbish back in their lunch boxes and take it home.  This has a dual purpose - it keeps our school and environment clean and tidy and also enables you to monitor what your child is eating during school time.  We request that no sweets or chocolate bars are included in your child's lunch.

During the lunchtime break there are three teachers out on duty supervising the playgrounds.


Musical and Cultural Activities

We have keyboard and guitar tutors who work in the school.  See the office for details or contact the Modern School of Music.

Our school participates in the bi-annual Mid Bays Music Festival.

We also have a music specialist providing lessons for all classes on a regular basis.  Other musical and cultural activities are included in classroom programmes.

New Entrants

Children may start school from their 5th birthday and must attend school after their 6th birthday.

To assist children in developing a sense of belonging we operate a pre-entry programme with the children visiting school before their starting date.  Information will be provided once enrolment has been accepted.


The ‘Pinehill News’ is available on our website every Wednesday afternoon and the link will be emailed out.  This is our official form of communication of the events taking place in the school and includes children who receive awards and various aspects of classroom programmes.

Office Hours

8.15am - 3.30pm.  Our office staff are available to assist you during these times.  Please note the office is closed between 10.30 - 10.50am each day.


Pupil Safety

For the general safety of our children we request the following items are not brought to school - glass containers, sweets, jewellery, money, expensive toys, matches or any other flammable materials.

School Fees & Activity Fees

To maintain the high standard of facilities and resources, it is necessary to request a donation from parents to supplement the Ministry of Education Grant.

Donations are $150.00 per year per child.  This can be paid to the office at the beginning of the year or on a term by term basis.  These donations are tax deductible.

There is an Activity Fee: - $60.00 for Years 1, and $90.00 Years 2 - 6.  This covers all trips, school visits and whole school or team activities that occur throughout the year.  In addition the school swimming programme for Years 2 - 6 is funded through the Activity Fee. This is to be paid to the office at the beginning of the year.


School Hours 

Classes start    8.50am

Morning Tea    10.30am - 10.50am

Lunchtime       12.30pm - 1.30pm

Classes Finish  3.00pm

Any variation of closing time is notified to parents through our newsletters, website and/or bulk emails.  Children are allowed into the classrooms from 8.15am.  Before this time they are to wait at the main entrance to the school grounds.

We ask you to wait outside your child's classroom at the end of the day so that the children's attention is not disrupted at this time please.

School Houses

Upon enrolment children are placed in one of our four school houses - Kawau, Motuihe, Rakino and Waiheke.  The house system encourages interaction between all children in the school and provides leadership opportunities for our Year 6 children who are elected as House Captains.  Families are grouped in the same houses.

School Phone, Fax, Email

The best way to contact teaching staff is by email.  Please contact your child's class teacher for their address or go to our website.

School contacts are:

Phone 478-0301

Fax 478-0305



Sport & Fitness

Daily fitness activities are programmed school wide at 10.15am.

We are always keen to involve as many children as possible in our sports teams.  We have miniball, netball, hockey, teeball and football teams playing in regular competition.

We also offer opportunity for other children to play for the school at various times through our lunchtime sports exchanges with our neighbouring schools.  You are notified through the school newsletter of any information to do with seasonal sport teams.

We expect the highest standards of sporting behaviour from our children both on and off the field.  Pinehill School is a Fair Play school.


Your child’s school stationery list can be viewed at - choose to add/remove products, order a class pack or just download a copy to take with you when you shop in an OfficeMax Retail store.

Sun Protection

We have a “no hat no play” policy for sun protection during terms 1 and 4.  Children without hats must stay in the covered walkway areas.  They may wear a hat of their choice as we have not included this item as part of our uniform.  It is also beneficial if they are able to have suntan lotion with them at school during the hot months.


Pinehill has a compulsory school uniform.  Uniforms are sold through:

                                                Janbells Ltd
Shop 7
404 Beach Road
                                                Mairangi Bay
                                                Phone 478-3450

 Shops Hours are:                    8.30am - 5.30pm ...     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
                                                8.30am - 7.00pm ...     Thursday
                                                9.00am - 1pm ...          Saturday

Footwear:  Black lace up, velcro or buckle shoes to be worn with white ankle socks, or plain black roman sandals.



Hair below shoulder length should be tied back with a plain black hair tie.

No jewellery other than plain gold or silver studs or sleepers may be worn.