Road Safety

Kea Crossing

We have been manning the Kea crossing on Spencer Road for a number of years.  Students have used road patrol signs to help cross children safely but we have very few children who cross using the Kea crossing as it is so far from the school.

We have been trying to arrange for the Kea crossing to move closer to school and it has been agreed that it will be moved, however we don't have a date for this to happen.

Due to the large number of children who are now crossing at the intersection of Spencer Road and Kerekin Drive we have decided to stop manning the Kea crossing and instead use our road patrollers at this intersection.  We have made this decision in consultation with Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Police.

This crossing will not have signs.  We ask that you drive slowly through this area and support our students to cross safely.  

The Kea crossing further up Spencer Road is now no longer operational.Please encourage your children to cross at the intersection with the support of school staff and road patrollers.  

As part of our Road Safety Campaign and keeping our students safe we have added some links to useful sites published by Auckland Transport.  We hope you find some of this information helpful.


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