Cross Country

Cross Country Cluster Day - Tuesday 12 September 2018

Thank you to the parents who came along to our cluster cross country at Long Bay Regional Park to help and support. Thank you to Jos van Beusekom for his organisation and to Marg Milne and Shaun Weston for your hard work today.

The first children from Pinehill School to come though in each race were:

● Yr3/4 girls Polina Klimova 4th

● Yr3/4 boys Andrew Lau 5th

● Yr5 girls Ryen Anderson 1st

● Yr 5 boys Kaleb McLeod 4th

● Yr 6 girls Juliette Page 11th

● Yr 6 boys Theo Morse 1st

The Year 6 boys cleaned up the first three places in their race. Theo Morse, Zane Goosen and Brynn Hammond made it an exciting end to the morning. Well done boys!

Well done to all the Year 0, 1 and 2 children who participated in our Cross Country event last Tuesday. You did an amazing job and persevered through the rain!

Year 0

1st - Allen Bai

2nd - Daniel Zhou

3rd - Jeremy Ya

Year 1 Girls

1st - Yumi Yan 

2nd - Emily Ke

3rd - Tania Luo

Year 2 Girls

1st - Juliette Nizetich

2nd - Serina Gholami Ke

3rd - Lily Dhalberg


Year 1 Boys

1st - Misha Chepurnov

2nd - Adam Sng

3rd - Sean Lee

Year 2 Boys

1st - Jayden Lu

2nd - Petr Klimov

3rd -Jorden Du Plessis

Years 3 - 6

Well done to all our children who made it around the cross country course last Thursday. There were many success stories on show. The weather certainly played its part as did our refurbished field. Thank you to all the parents who came out to support our runners. Our top eight athletes in the Y4-6 groups, plus some extras, will be continuing to train for the Cluster event to be held on September 12th. 

Year 3 Girls

1st - Alani Morse 

2nd - Reed Anderson

3rd - Taylor Lawrenson

Year 4 Girls

1st - Jessica Haskins 

2nd - Cynthia Wang

3rd - Polina Klimova

Year 5 Girls

1st - Ryen Anderson

2nd - Maia Rhodes

3rd - Alisa Sukhorukova

Year 6 Girls

1st - Juliette Page

2nd - Emmy Hurcum

3rd - Annie Wang

 Year 3 Boys

1st - Inha Chang

2nd - Yuchan Byun

3rd - Lucas Wu

Year 4 Boys

1st - Andrew Lau 

2nd - Tyler Webster

3rd - Cooper Robinson Lea'aetoa

Year 5 Boys

1st - Kaleb McLeod

2nd - Sai Ho Wong

3rd -Kaho Wong

Year 6 Boys

1st - Theo Morse

2nd - Zane Goosen

3rd - Brynn Hammond

Cross Country 2018 slideshow.m4v