Cross Country

Cluster Cross Country Cluster Day - Tuesday 11 September 2018 (savaday 12 September)

The Cluster day begins at 9.15am and finishes around 12.00pm. It will be held at Long Bay Regional Park.

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Junior Cross Country

Please click here for video of Junior Cross Country held 15 August 2017. 

Well done to all our Year 0, 1 and 2 children for their efforts during the cross country.  Congratulations to the following children 

Year 0

Girls 1st place - Iris Zhu            2nd place - Yumi Yan                 3rd Place - Chloe Leung

Boys 1st place - Jason Tse            2nd place - Misha Chepurnov         3rd Place - Adam Sng

Year 1

Girls 1st place - Taylor Sam     2nd place - Lily Dahlberg                 3rd Place - Adeline Yap

Boys 1st place - Jayden Lu     2nd place - Nixon Robinson-Lea’aetoa 3rd Place - Edison Obery

Year 2

Girls 1st place - Reed Anderson     2nd place - Alani Morse         3rd Place - Taylor Lawrenson

Boys 1st place - Inha Chang     2nd place - Lucas Penny         3rd Place - Razzouq van der Westhuizen

Senior Cross Country

Cross Country 2017

Thank you to all our Y3-6 runners for taking part in our cross country races. There were some outstanding performances. Congratulations to everyone who survived the mud and slush and made it to the end. Thanks to all staff who helped out and to parents for their support.

Year 3
Girls     1st - Jessica Haskins      2nd - Celina Lee                 3rd - Serena Ho
Boys     1st - Andrew Lau      2nd - Cooper Robinson Lea’aetoa 3rd - Tyler Webster

Year 4
Girls     1st - Ryen Anderson         2nd - Chantal Metry 3rd - Alisa Sukhorukova

Boys     1st - KaHo and SaiHo Wong        2nd - Gogo Gjorgevik 3rd - Peter Han

Year 5
Girls     1st - Juliette Page     2nd - Emmy Hurcum         3rd - Annaliese Sinclair

Boys     1st - Theo Morse             2nd - Zane Goosen         3rd - Alex Chatterton

Year 6
Girls     1st - Kyel Anderson     2nd - Brenna Johnson         3rd - Erin Wilkinson

Boys     1st - Daichi Iizuka     2nd - Tai Rhodes                 3rd - Noah Nizetich