At Pinehill School we have a strong culture of Netball and lots of support from parents and the community.

Winter Netball 

Our Year 5 and 6 teams play at North Harbour Netball on Wednesday afternoon/evenings.  The cost for the season will be $95.

The Year 1 to 4 teams play on a Saturday morning at Pinehurst School. 

We have training at lunchtime or after school depending on the coach of each team. Some of our Year 5 and 6 girls attend umpiring courses at either Kidzplay or North Harbour Netball and umpire our younger teams. If you are interested in doing any of these courses please contact the above organisations as we are always looking for umpires.

Year 1 - 4

This league is played over terms 2 & 3 at Pinehurst School, Bush Road, Albany.

The games are played on a Saturday any time between 8.10am and mid afternoon.

Games will not be cancelled due to weather.

Draw for the rest of the season 2017 click here -

PARKING - Allow extra time to park safely. Please do not park on private property and/or illegally.

Auckland Transport (AT) will issue parking tickets to those parking illegally and cars will be towed that are parked on private property and that are blocking other vehicles.

There is alternative parking on the southern side of Bush Road (commercial area) and in streets off Rosedale Road west of the lights at the junction with Bush Road. There is also a cut through from Brigham Young Street towards Pinehurst School which could be used when parking in surrounding streets. Reminder there is no parking on the cycle lanes along Rosedale Road 7 days a week.


Year 5 & 6

This league is played on a Wednesday afternoon/evenings at Netball North Harbour, 44 Northcote Road, please see schedule below.

Pinehill 5/1

Round 4 scheduled for Wednesday 16-Aug-2017

5:40pmPinehill 5/1Greenhithe 5/2
(Crossover - Wednesday Y5 Grade 5)
NNH Court 20Confirmed

Pinehill 6/1

Round 4 scheduled for Wednesday 16-Aug-2017

4:00pmPinehill 6/1St Josephs 6/1NNH Court 16Confirmed

Pinehill 6/2

Round 4 scheduled for Wednesday 16-Aug-2017

5:40pmPinehill 6/2Greenhithe 6/3NNH Court 17Confirmed

Pinehill Poppies Yr1 2015