Walking School Bus (WSB)

A walking school bus is just like a school bus except children walk to and from school under the supervision of adult volunteers (often parents). This creates a safe and social journey to school.

Children are collected from stops along a planned route and dropped off at the school gate. Along the way they learn how to safely negotiate the road as well as socialise and share stories with friends and neighbours. What a great way to travel to school!

Walking school buses contribute to reducing the amount of traffic around schools. In Auckland there are more than 200 active walking school buses, with over 4,000 children walking to school. That’s a lot of active feet on the street.

How does it work?

Walking buses usually begin at 8.30am, but this depends on length of the route and the stop that the children get on at. Routes vary in length, usually about 1.5 km and/or a 30 minute walk at most. Most walking school buses walk the reverse route in the afternoon.

A walking school bus can operate all five days of the school week or as little as one day per week. This depends on the availability of parent volunteers.

If you are interested in a walking school bus route please contact the parent for the route you are wanting to join.

 WSB Routes DaysDeparture Time          Locations    Contact Details
 Pinehill PenguinsMorning
8.10amAM: Leaves from 1 Kilear Cl at 8:10am. Another pick up point at 8.30am from 2 Ballymore DrCalla Chang


 Pinehill PenguinsAfternoon
Mon - Thurs
3.10pmPM: Meeting outside Room 5. Leaves school at 3.10pm (arrives at 2 Ballymore Dr)Calla Chang


 BridgeEveryday8.40amLeaves from 

71 Spencer Road

Lamia Bouaifel


 Spencer RoadMorning ONLY
Mon - Thurs
8.30amLeaves from 12 Spencer Rd at 8:30amKelly Liang


Korean Flyer

Chinese Flyer

Benefits of the Walking School Bus  

Walking School Bus Road Safety and Hazard Identification Guidelines

This safety video is more for people who are already in the programme.  However, it is good for non WSB people who are unsure of how safe WSBs are.



TravelWise is an ongoing project with a set of practical actions that aim to improve road safety and promote sustainable school travel journeys. It is a partnership between Auckland Transport and the school. Our school is committed to safe, active and sustainable travel to and from school.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced traffic congestion at the school gates, this improves safety for all children.
  • Reduction of polluting car emissions in the environment.
  • Helping children learn road safety skills and become familiar with their community.
  • Improved engineering infrastructure to promote walking / cycling within the school zone.
  • Encouraging walking / cycling to improve children’s fitness and health.
  • Encouraging walking / cycling to ensure that children arrive alert and ready to learn.
  • Promoting the Walking School Bus

The "TravelWise" school travel plan has been developed in consultation with the students, staff, and parents.

We encourage all our children to walk, or scooter to and from school.

In order to make this a safer process we have adopted a number of practices which we hope will encourage parents to support the idea of walking, scootering or biking to school.

  • We have a 40 kph speed zone around all the approaches to our school
  • We have supervised crossings on Hugh Green Drive and Spencer Road
  • We have a walking school bus route - currently cancelled due to lack of supervision.
  • Free High Viz vests are provided by Auckland Transport to children who have permission to scooter or bike regularly to and from school (forms are available at the School Office or click here)
  • Road Safety is taught regularly as part of our curriculum

More information about the TravelWise programme can be found at http://www.travelwise.org.nz/ 

More information about TravelWise and Walking School Buses across Auckland can be found at: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz